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Bird-d Test

I started working on this tonight, in between playing with my puppies and downing cups of coffee.

I don’t know if I like it yet. It’s a super cute idea and i have been trying to figure how to make this type of image into felt for awhile. 

I think this only works because of the bead. I love the tones of the this blue felt, it’s brilliant. 

Michigan Mitten Love

I spent yesterday working on some michigan change purses. 

Chocolate brown and blue

Dark Brown and Cream, a traditional silhouette one you would find on cameo’s

And some funky fun with a teal and orange, these colors pop just the right way together.

Michigan and Groucho

Here is michigan in all it’s felt and fiber glory!

And for a fiber giggle Groucho Marx

these are some of the new change purses I have been working on. 


I was talking to my husband the other night and he suggested tetris and pac man change purses. I loved it! 

I cut out all the pieces and placed them for the photo. not yet sewn down. I like this one. I may just keep it for myself. 

too fun! 

This is my Tool Box

So here is my tool box, I know it looks like a LeSportsac cosmetics bag, however it’s really the key to making all the fun, that I do. I call it my tool box.

Here are some very important small tools that I use, a small crochet needle light blue in color, a sharp pare of shears, used to cut felt, plastic markers for when counting stitches. The last item yes it’s what you think it is. It’s a naked lady. Originally a patch for a change purse, it didn’t turn out. this big breasted lady covers her own I figure she is okay. She carry’s with her two pink pins, 2 needles one of them is threaded. 

crochet hooks very important! metal hooks are fantastic they do not make a squeaky noise against yarn the way plastic ones do. These hooks, I pick up randomly I know you can purchase hooks that are all the same color however that would make the process dull and boring. I find fun in small things.

those plastic hooks, they too can get the job done, however my favorite of all is wood, I only have one wooden hook but am loving it to death