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Fingerless mitten production line. #Mittenmade #michiganhandmade #michiganbrand #handmade #handmadebrand #michigan #detroit #crochet #fiber #fashion #accessories #womensfashion

Fingerless mitten production line. #Mittenmade #michiganhandmade #michiganbrand #handmade #handmadebrand #michigan #detroit #crochet #fiber #fashion #accessories #womensfashion

Lady collars from another time.  #mittenmade #michiganmade #vintagestyle #vintage #vintagefashion #fashion #accessories #handmadevintage #handmade

Lady collars from another time. #mittenmade #michiganmade #vintagestyle #vintage #vintagefashion #fashion #accessories #handmadevintage #handmade

Cheeky photo trying to show of my hair facinator from Handleber #handmade #accessories #hairdecorations

Cheeky photo trying to show of my hair facinator from Handleber #handmade #accessories #hairdecorations

Adventures In Crocheting

My Adventures in crocheting is about to step up a whole new level, one that I didn’t choose. At least not at the moment. I recently found out about some health issues that now are keeping me from my full time job as a retail store manager and the realization that I probably will not return to work is creeping ever so close and I may be turning to my love of crochet to a full time gig. hmm now what to do. In the past Mitten Made has had a great time doing street fairs and markets but now trying to make a living $3 at a time seems not to be working as well as I hoped. So I will be turning to you tumblr peeps for feedback. I will be dropping products and adding new ones over the next few months I hope you will participate in this weird world of mine. <3

The Rust Belt Market

I woke up earlier than what I wanted too, showered and started a pot of coffee. The night before the car was packed to the gills of product and displays. 

Sarah met me at the house around 9 and we quickly were off with some minor set backs we arrived at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale Michigan around 10. The morning was already hot and I was nervous about fitting in. Like the first day in a new school I was already terrified.

We found our way to the back doors and quickly were greeted by a man with a beard pushing a cart made out of a wooden flat. He offered to bring it back to us when he was done.

After finding our space within and the gentleman brought us the cart we were able to get settled in quickly. 

As I was finishing up a friendly voice from behind me said good morning and Tiffany introduced herself. Tiffany is super cute and friendly. She shook my  hand and started looking at my product, with a once over she was off to talk to shoppers and other artists that were set up.

Standing back and looking at my table I was most impressed with how my recent purchase of a cupcake hold seemed to be the eye jewel. The thing that people went to first. 

I hoped that my table didn’t look like a circus. I was re-assured that it didn’t from Sarah. one o’clock rolled around rather quickly and Sarah was off to work. I was left alone for the rest of the day. The day wen’t by I had plenty of Sourpuss Lemonade which may I add is amazing. Fresh squeezed, shaken not stirred right on the spot and made just for me.

Sunday I was accompanied by my friend Kim. We set off around ten and arrived in time to uncover the table get things set and the doors were open.Sunday I had a great time too! This customer loved the Bow Ties however she rocked it in her hair. and you know what, it works and I loved it! so ladies if you want to rock it in your hair feel free!

Overall I had a great time and the experience was fantastic. I loved The Rust Belt, I would love to book another weekend soon. So if you are in the area, stop in. You might find the one thing you never knew you always wanted. 



Hooters, and Owls

HOOTERS! Yes I have them, 4 as a matter of fact. These super cute owls are almost finished and ready for The Rust Belt this weekend. So Michigan peeps, if you are looking for something to do over the weekend stop in The Rust Belt in Ferndale, Michigan support your local artist show your Mitten Love and shop local this weekend! The Rust Belt houses 60 local vendors, including food vendors as well! The Rust Belt is opened Saturday and Sunday 11a-7pm. Guess what else? It’s Ferndale’s Art Walk this weekend. Stop by and say hi!

Last year was my first year at the DIY street fair in ferndale. I had such a great time, and peeps were amazing and so supportive. So if you like to shop local, if you want to support local artists, love art, local food please re-blog this post. Show your artist, local and Mitten Love!

<3 xoxo


One of my most favorite movies is Oh Brother where art thou? I love the music, the imagery, and everything about it. This one is ode to it. Oh dapper dan… 

New Felt and other banners…

Mon Cheri!

For sure she is super cute with her dark purple background and banner to declare. 

I am working on some others as well owls, horseshoes, brass knuckles and birds. 

Anchors Away ->

I love this one, It gives the impression of high fashion I think it’s the colors black and white. Then it’s Kitschy with the anchor shape. Homespun in texture. And all together Fantastic! Red Lipstick not included. 

Home is where the <3 is…

I haven’t made a clutch in a hot minute, and thought I would use a different stitch, I used this gold yarn I have been sitting on for a while and I love how well the blue works with it. Home is where the heart is. 

I will be doing a few color combinations on these. some with a little banner that say “Mitten Love”