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Hobbit Hats

Over the past few years I have had plenty of peeps ask me do you have any hats. I have time and time again have said no. I have tried, so hard, to make hats that are fun to make and worth selling. I looked long and hard and found a style I loved in knits only. A few years ago I was at a craft show and met some ladies who were selling knit hats and hand died yarns. The hats they were selling were baby pixie hats and I fell in love with them. Being a kid at heart I found that I can never find fun winter hats for myself. I would love an adult version of a baby pixie. And after lots of trial and error I was able to redesign a Hat for young adults or young at heart. 

These hats have straps on either end and have a slight point to them giving a slight point in the back. They are 100% acrylic, and fantastic for peeps with sensitive skin or vegan friendly peeps. These are posted at and come in a variety of colors. 

My Fellow Crocheters: Taraduff

Taraduff shop is a wonderful  shop with patterns, hats, scarves and kitchen sets. 

the most fantastic items she sells are these bearded beanies. 

These are fantastic! I love them and wanted to share with you. Please check out her shop.